European Court of Justice

European Court of Justice challenges “subsidiary” role of men to women in the exercise of parental duties

Guest blog by Eugenia Caracciolo di Torella, School of Law, University of Leicester. In 2015 the European Court of Justice considered the case of a male civil servant wanting to take parental leave even though his wife did not work. (C-222/14 Maistrellis [2015]). The judgement challenged the traditional distribution of caring roles and the subsidiary[…]


The tide of opinion turns against extending parental leave to grandparents

It seems that opinion is swinging against the idea of extending parental leave to grandparents, an idea advanced by the left-leaning think-tank, IPPR, and now adopted by the Conservative Chancellor, George Osborne. Heather Grieg-Smith, in an article for, Shared parental leave – changing the goal posts, interviews some experts on leave and finds few[…]


Daddy quota leads to more sharing of domestic and earning work and more breastfeeding in Quebec

The introduction of a daddy quota of leave in Quebec in 2006, along with expanded eligibility and increased payments, dramatically increased leave-taking by fathers and, in the years after the leave was taken, increased the amount of housework fathers do, led to mothers transferring time from housework to childcare, and increased breastfeeding rates. The total[…]

Women's Equality Party

Women’s Equality Party: a new dawn for change

Last Monday (19th October) BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour ran a lengthy piece on fathers caring for children and “shared parental leave”. The five fathers who were interviewed named the following benefits from sharing the care: time alone with the children children less clingy to the mother being “very present” for the child enabling the[…]