Millennial parents are sharing care and work more than older parents

millennial parents sharing

Photo: Lena. Creative Commons.

Working Families and Bright Horizons have published a report, Modern Families Index 2016, showing that younger millennial parents (16-35 years old) are more likely to be sharing work and care.

The report shows that:

  • 69% of the 16-35 year old fathers work flexibly, compared to 54% of 36-45 year old fathers and 52% of 45+ year olds.
  • These fathers express a stronger desire to work flexibly and are more resentful about the lack of opportunity to work as flexibly as they would wish (42% of them feel resentful).
  • Mothers and fathers in this younger group are more likely to say they would like to downshift and are the most willing to take a pay cut to find a better balance.
  • The fathers report sharing care more than older fathers.
  • Fathers report they are equally as likely to be called as mothers if there is a problem with their child.

At the same time, these younger parents are almost twice as likely to report feeling burned out as older parents (42% compared to 22% of 36-45 year olds and 17% of 45+ year olds).

The share or work and care among these younger parents is by no means equal – with mothers focusing more on care and fathers more on work, but they are more equal than older parents. The statistics suggest we are in a process of change over generations.